Recipes is open for takeout on a modified schedule. Please call us at 805-965-3335 to check on schedule as we are adjusting daily to provide service and follow guidelines. Thank you for your understanding and support.


About Us

After experiencing quaint coffee houses and specialty drinks—like Long Blacks, Flat Whites, and Babycinos—in Australia, Meichelle Arntz decided to renovate a 100-year old home in downtown Santa Barbara and open her own little bakery, complete with natural, fresh baked fare made from recipes passed down from her family. She’s owned and operated a successful gift basket business for 15 years, and continues to offer artful baskets filled with cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, caramel corn, and other fresh baked goods, all placed in decorative jars, pottery, and other unique items.

Meichelle grew up baking and loved being in the kitchen. The reason the bakery is called Recipes Bakery is because the delicious recipes used to make our treats come from grandma, mom and the aunts. “Recipes” was the idea of Meichelle’s daughter Toree, who came up with the name during a family discussion 15 years ago about what to call the gift basket business.

“All of the treats are made here in our beautiful renovated kitchen in Santa Barbara. Back in the day on my grandparents dairy farm, we could get the ingredients right from the source, everything tasted so fresh. Keeping with this tradition of fresh, wholesome ingredients, we use only the finest natural and farmers market ingredients in making our family recipes.”